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I've been shooting seniors since I was a senior. (don't ask me what year! - HA!)

In the 90's I had a bad photography experience as a client, and decided "If this guy can actually sleep tonight, after telling us our images are 'good enough', then there's room in this market for me!"

I've lived by some wise words from my mentor that "If you don't have a solution, then you don't have a problem.".

I had a solution to appease my LONGING for a full-time gig to provide TRUE-YOU portraits that exceeded the phrase - "good enough". (my wife will tell you - I LOATHE THOSE TWO WORDS)

I entered professional print competitions in my first year out, and was shocked to discover that it wasn't just a dream. I produced a number of award-winning images for about six years in-a-row in several categories including "Best Teen Boy", "Best Illustrative", "Best Photojournalistic", "Best Black & White", Professional Photographers of Oregon (now OPPA) "People's Choice Award" as well as two of the prestigious Kodak Gallery Awards. (okay, and a Fuji Masterpiece)

Nice accolades, but what REALLY matters is knowing that our clients come back! (The Portland Rose Festival Court Princesses have since 2000) I've been shooting weddings even longer than seniors, and 90% of our brides (and grooms) are our returning high school seniors.

In 2002, I embraced the saying that "What you compete, you cease to create." - unknown.

In sum - competing is done from a place of ego, and creativity comes from a place of spirit. I'll stick to that latter, thank you!..

My clients come to me for creativity, so I don't have time to keep looking over my shoulder, or frankly - "shooting for the judges". My clients & online reviews are the best report card for me. The hardware was flattering, but YOUR satisfaction is what I strive for every day!

Okay, enough about me, I want to hear about you!..

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Already have ideas for what you'd like? I know great places to make it happen (unless you've got that picked too).  Give me creative license, and you may get something even greater!

With 20 years of shooting every quadrant of the Portland Metro, I'm always spotting new options for whatever you throw at us.

Experience, Quality, SENSIBLE Pricing - you'll get more great images in an hour or two than you'll know what to do with. My favorite comment is "...too many great ones to choose from...".

I'm a creataholic, shootaholic and if you google the word Gratitudaholic - you'll discover that's me!

Got questions? Fire away - a real human (often me) will reply quickly!


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