I love the saying "I'm an overnight success! - It just took me nearly 20 years!.." Or so it would seem, as I watch business thrive again after surviving the roller-coaster ride of 2008.

February, 2016 - Prints Charming Photography receives an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.

June 7th, 2015 - Sir Brian Edward Geraths joins the ranks of Burl Ives, Betty White and, yes, Micky Mouse with an honorary Knighting by Portland's Royal Rosarians. Sir Mickey Mouse, really? I saw the photos and the write-up, so I'm now in equally goofy company! (groaner, sorry - but see here for yourself)

April 27th 2015 - Brian receives an amazing letter from Prime Minister Marilyn Schultz of the Royal Rosarians, to "...bestow Knighthood" upon him at the annual Knighting Ceremony in Portland Oregon.

February 1, 2015 - We opened THEE most amazing NEW location for the studio.

April 2, 2015 - Seems we barely emptied boxes in the new space, when Brian was selected as a business feature in the local newspapers (Lake Oswego Review - then picked up by the Portland Tribune)

Overnight success?.. Ahem!.. HARDLY!.. It really does take sustained effort, education, experience and PERSISTENCE. Perhaps even more than these, patience - since anyone who takes allot of pictures is deemed by peers as "photographer". Award-winning photographer, on the other hand... Many of these top awards were in multi-state, multi-country competitions.

Kodak Gallery Award (two-time winner)
Fuji Masterpiece Award
People's Choice Award
Best Black and White
Best Illustrative
Best Experimental
Best Photojournalism
Best Teen Boy Portrait
Best Children's Portrait

In 2000, Brian was awarded the "ITC Intl. Presidents Award for Visionary Excellence"  while on assignment in Toronto CA.

In 2004, Brian was selected as the inaugural "FACE of ITC" for his successful use of communication skills in his craft.  This giant speaking organization allowed the "quiet artistic" side of Brian, to evolve into an upbeat, humorous and informative speaker.

His combined talents have provided him photography and photography teaching assignments in Orlando FL., Las Vegas NV, Indianapolis IN, Minneapolis MN, Sparks NV, Brisbane Australia, New Zealand (home of his "kiwi" wife), Victoria B.C., Nassau The Bahamas, Winnipeg CA, Toronto CA plus Anaheim, Malibu, San Francisco and Los Angeles CA.

In 1997, I entered my first professional print competition with the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) Western States Regional competition. Having just hung a sign on my first home-based studio, I had only "competed" to make sure that my work was good enough for my clients.

My portrait-artist-mentor had passed away before I decided to take the leap, and needed a source for continuing education. The Professional Photographers of Oregon quickly accepted me as one of their own, nicknaming me "Mr. 96" after a near-perfect score on my first big winner - "Mystic Beach".

I was awarded the Kodak Gallery Award, which meant that my image hung at the Kodak Epcot Center in Florida's Disney World, and published by Kodak in their annual "Gallery Award" book. Many awards followed, including another Kodak Gallery Award, The Fuji Masterpiece Award and his grand finale, The People's Choice Award.

In 2002 I stopped "competing", because I didn't even like the word. My goal wasn't to win anything, I just needed to know that my work was good enough for my clients. When I realized that most of my wedding clients were my former High School Seniors, I stopped entering prints, and just focusing on my own continued growth.

Brian with portrait artist/mentor Louis M. Ver Baere. Ver Baere Studios,  Pendleton Oregon - 1988

Brian with portrait artist/mentor Louis M. Ver Baere. Ver Baere Studios,  Pendleton Oregon - 1988

Continuing education has never stopped, and after a decade in public speaker training, I found my voice to share with others. Teaching "Creatives", organizational skills with right-brain-friendly tools. Something you can learn more about at





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